Group Constitution

Operating guidelines of the RSPB Cwm Clydach Kites and Dippers Wildlife Explorers and Phoenix Group


The RSPB: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, registered charity number 207076, Scotland referred to as the RSPB.

The RSPB’s junior membership operates within the parent body of the RSPB and is not a separate legal entity. It is split into two broad age groups:

  • RSPB Wildlife Explorers, for children aged 12 and below.
  • RSPB Phoenix, for young people aged 13 to 18.


RSPB: The RSPB is the UK charity that takes action for the conservation of wild birds and the environment. The RSPB is a UK-wide organisation that works at local, regional, national and international level.

The RSPB has made a commitment to introducing children and young people to wildlife. The aim of the junior sections is to encourage a greater commitment to nature conservation among children and young people, by increasing their awareness and knowledge. Our groups’ objective is to deliver this at a local level.

Group Objectives

The group will meet at least once a month throughout most of the year. The group will cover the skills, knowledge and attitudes summarised in the RSPB’s youth work curriculum.

The group also seeks to encourage the following attitudes in their participants:

  • An appreciation of some of the complex issues affecting the environment, and help develop the desire to find solutions.
  • Willingness to adopt a greener lifestyle and a sense of personal responsibility with respect to the environment.
  • An appreciation of birds and other wildlife through the senses, and an aesthetic appreciation for the environment.
  • An understanding that there is a financial cost in conserving the environments.

In pursuing the objectives of the group, we aim to give the young people of the local community first-hand experiences of the birds and other wildlife around them so that they can learn to appreciate and explore the natural world. We also aim to educate on how to improve the local environment for the benefits of wildlife and to develop an awareness of the problems that face it.

Eligibility for membership

The group shall be open to all local children and young people, irrespective of whether they are RSPB members.


There will be one appointed ‘main leader’ within the group. The group shall have a minium of three registered adult leaders. These leaders will have been vetted by the RSPB. All leaders will work together as a leadership team.

All group meetings will meet the RSPB’s health, safety and welfare guidelines.

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