January 2016

An otter has been sighted several times on the river in the reserve.  Mike the warden was lucky enough to see the otter and film it on his phone.

25th Feb 2012

There was a goosander on the river swimming under the bridge at the Lone this morning.

I saw this years first brimstone butterfly today enjoying the sunshine in Cwm Capel woods.

 1st Feb 2012

Frog spawn in “Den” pond.

29th Jan 2012

Foxes screeching in the evening at entrance of reserve

28th Jan 2012

Woodcock in the reserve

24th Jan 2012

Male goosander on the river not far from the reserve carpark

and a Dipper on the river

Jan 2012

Goshawk and red kite flying over reserve

10th Dec 2011

Snipe on fields above the reserve

24th Nov 2011

Redwings in fields above the reserve

8th Oct 2011

Red kite and sparrow hawk flying over reserve



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