All of the following events are open to both Dippers and Kites, but there will be additional events open for kites only such as surveys, conservation work and special field trips.

If your child wishes to join our group please  contact us prior  to the event so registration can be organised. 


31st January 2016. RSPB Blackpill. 10am-12pm.

Blackpill sea watch and beach explore.

13th February 2016. Cwmclydach Reserve. 10am-12pm.

Nature Reserve Work.

12th March 2016. Craig Cefn Parc Welfare Hall. 10am-12pm.

Hedgehogs. Hog Houses.

9th April 2016. TBC.

Evening Badger Watching.

14th May 2016. Craig-Y-Nos Country Park. Times to be confirmed.

Bats & Moths. Kites & Dippers 5th Birthday Party & Barbecue.

18th June 2016. Cwmclydach Reserve. Times to be confirmed.

Bushcraft and Wild Sleep-out.

9th July 2016. Cwmclydach Reserve. 10am-12pm

Photography, drawing and sketching wild things in the woods.

August 2016 – No Meeting – Happy Holidays!

10th September 2016. Bracelet Bay. Times to be confirmed.

Night time seaside safari.

8th October 2016. Neath Valley. Times to be confirmed.

Waterfall Walk.

12th November 2016. Craig Cefn Parc Welfare Hall. 10am-12pm

Wild Art.

10th December 2016. Craig Cefn Parc Welfare Hall. 10am-12pm

Christmas Party.


An action packed year again, I ‘m sure you’ll agree!


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